May 2014 android

Upstate Networks demonstrates BitCoin Vending Machine at Mohawk Valley Bitcoin & Beyond Conference

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July 2013 android

Weigand RFID to MDB (W2MDB)

Upstate Networks announces the launch of a Weigand RFID security badge to interface with the vending industry standard MDB . GE and HID 125 kHz Proximity readers. Se model T-520SW.
  • Perfect for employee vending machine access
  • Student body
  • Any Weigand prox card badge system
  • Web addressable
  • Custom Server backend

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MAY 2013 android

Newly Developed PC2ASDAPI Android Library for integration with Android Devices.

Upstate Networks announces the release of the PC2ASDAPI, an Android Class library to allow USB-Host Android Devices to communicate with the PC2ASD™ circuit board.
  • No rooting of devices is needed.
  • Easy to integrate. Just drop in the jar, follow a few simple steps and your app is ready to communicate with the PC2ASD™ circuit board.
  • Works with the majority of USB to serial adapter cables available in the market.
  • Use this library for an unlimited number of projects both personal and commercial.
  • Library, project sample, and documentation are all available.


JULY 2011

PC2ASD™ Alternative Selection Device for Vending Machines

Upstate Networks announces the release of the PC2ASD™ circuit board. The PC2ASD™ replaces the keypad on a vending machine with a PC based interface.  This allows the PC to control the item selection process.  It is used in PC controlled vending machine products when it is desirable for the customer to make the item selection using a touch screen or smart phone interface instead of the traditional keypad. For more information click here




   Become a Beta Tester for MDBLAB here

    Upstate Networks announces the the release of MDBLAB version 4.0 with Bill Recycler support. MDBLAB is the companion software for Upstate Network's MDB2PC™ circuit board. The MDB2PC™ is a Computer Peripheral for interfacing vending machine protocol used by various devices including: Dollar Bill Validator, Bill Recycler (NEW), Coin Acceptors, Coin Dispensers, Smart Cards, and Foreign Currency etc. If you would like to be a beta tester for this release please sign up here.




MARCH 2010

Upstate Networks announces the beta development of vending applications for mobile devices. User can now purchase from vending machines through their mobile devices. Vending Machines are equipped with Upstate Network's PC2MDB™  circuit board.

Uni Mobile Application on Android